Social & Ethical Policy Statement

The main operational activity of Westpak Group Ltd is the design and supply of packaging products made largely from paper or plastic based materials, and the storage and delivery of our products directly to customers in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The responsibilities of the business now extend far beyond the traditional boundaries, and the Board at Westpak recognises the corporate responsibilities that our customers, staff and other stakeholders rightly expect us to adopt with regard to social and ethical issues. This means ensuring that our distribution centres, and factories of our immediate suppliers, operate to the highest standards, and that we use our influence to ensure that our supply chain meets our strict criteria.

Specifically, this means that customers can purchase our products safe in the knowledge that they have been produced by businesses that meet the following code of practice :-


All of our facilities will promote a safe and healthy working environment. We will regularly train our employees, and we will provide all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment. We will promote a culture of safety awareness and, in the event of accidents, we will investigate all instances accurately and thoroughly. Our objective will continue to be the elimination of accidents.


Employee working hours will comply with the prevailing legislation. Overtime, when available, will be allocated on an equitable basis and will be managed to ensure that the demands on the individual are reasonable, and we will always provide adequate breaks.


Will be paid at or above market rates, and in accordance with prevailing legislation.


Westpak operates to an Equality Policy which will not tolerate discrimination, and our thorough Grievance Procedure supports this stance.


Westpak has a Disciplinary Code which applies to all employees. This ensures that individuals have the opportunity to be represented at formal investigations, and in the event that they disagree with the findings, they have the automatic right of appeal to a more senior management forum.


No employees will be allowed to work in hazardous areas without suitable training. No-one under the age of 15, or in a forced labour situation, will be involved in our business, and no-one under 18 will be required to work on a night shift.


The Company is committed to providing training to help embed this Ethics Policy and our Code of Conduct.

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